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My series remains + The ones that see each other around
Place: Festival LP'11
Concept and interpretation: Bea Fernández


My series remains

"My series remains" (Restos de mis series) is part of a bigger project: "Tres personas, todos los cuerpos", which I’ve developed for three years, and is now formalized in this fragment or vision.
The project started from my interest of sharing my experience as an interpreter with other interpreters, and from the will to take a deeper look at certain themes that usually are forgotten or hidden in an under layer, when we talk about scenic creation. Mi first intuition on this project pointed to a need for revision, of recalling my body’s’ memories on my own path as a performer.
I am many bodies, as many as I have danced, I am pieces of other bodies, I am the remaining of those bodies that have stick to me and their future versions, their contaminated versions of self, the learned bodies, the invaded body, the purity or promiscuity of the dancers’ body as a memory, as a remain.
When working with memories the autobiographical arises as a tool, the idea of confession as intimacy shared with the audience and a curricular or chronological sense of our career as a journey, or even as a song.
I’m interested in the interpreter’s role as scenic material, as experience, as subject of the presentation – representation - processual act and, from the body’s perspective, as a live archive and imprint.
Bea Fernández

The interest of presenting this work now (it was premiere in 2009), lies in its’ transformation and new scenic approach that brings together image and body, documentary and experience.
It’s a work that renovates itself on new versions as time goes by.
The project, Tres personas, todos los cuerpos, is the result of a long investigation process, which also produced a documentary film that can be presented before or after the show: Los que se ven entre sí.

Concept and interpretation Bea Fernández
Artistic advisor Carmelo Salazar
Lights Jeroen Smith
Sound College
Wardrobe Bea Fernández
Production Las Santas with the support of Departament de Cultura i Mitjans de Comunicació de la Generalitat de Catalunya, ICUB-Ajuntament de Barcelona.

Duration aprox. 25 minutes
This show can be presented in Spanish or English

The ones that see each other around

Starting from the conversations with 16 interpreters from different fields of contemporary creation, we have created a visual document that relates these different perspectives on the figure of the interpreter and it’s relation with the creative practice, with the figure of the author, with the work, with the scene and with the audience. We have talked about the meaning of the imprints that remain from the past presentations and the use of these or other influences in the ongoing working processes.
It’s a film that takes us on a journey that brings us closer to a different look (more internal?) - the interpreters’ one, and that collects different experiences and questions about creating and the act of performing.

Vídeo http://vimeo.com/12637548

Idea and project management Bea Fernández
Camera and edition Elena Albert
Director Bea Fernández y Elena Albert
Production Las Santas with the support of residencies in: EL Hueco, Encuentros de Magalia, Cél.lula Pontós, La Porta – Espacio Cómodo’08

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